The musical with the greatest hits from Udo Lindenberg

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  • Udo Lindenberg and Hamburg – these two belong together. Finally the hit musical HINTERM HORIZONT is coming for a short period of time to Hamburg’s Stage Operettenhaus on the Reeperbahn. The musical is an autobiographical and fictional story about love, which overcomes all obstacles – a heartwarming and mesmerizing story, which fascinates every visitor.

    As the first West German musician, Hamburg Rock star Udo Lindenberg had the permission for an exclusive concert in the German Democratic Republic. Accompany Udo to his performance in the Palace of the Republic and witness how the exceptional artist sings against the Stasi. Furthermore, the concert is the start of an extraordinary romantic relationship. Surrounded by walls and barbed wire - Udo meets a young girl named Jessy, who he falls in love with, although their future together is unpredictable. While the Stasi attempts to control the ‘Udo-mania’ by using their own doppelgänger, the actual Udo was hitting countless holes into the Wall.

    Let the music of the legendary rock musician take you back in time to experience a part of German history. To this day, Udo’s music still touches ever person and triggers their emotions from the past.

    On 14 November 2016 the Stage Operettenhaus will proudly celebrate the premiere of HINTERM HORIZONT. Until summer 2017 visitors have the chance to experience the live musical performance of Udo’s greatest hits, such as ‘Reeperbahn’,’Alles klar auf Andrea Doria’, ‘Ich Lieb dich überhaupt nicht mehr’, ‘Mein Ding’ and ‘Hinterm Horizont’.

    Watch with excitement, if Udo’s and Jessy’s luck is on their side. This is a show you cannot miss out on!

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