The DOM is a piece of Hamburg tradition that guarantees games, fun, thrills and nostalgia. The term originated from a collection of merchants, craftsmen and jugglers who, after some friction, were granted the right to reside in St. Mary's Cathedral in ""foul weather"" in 1337. By the end of the 19th century, the showmen found their "new home" on Heiligengeistfeld.

The Spring Festival in March, the Summer Dom (the Bumblebee Festival) in July and the Winter Dom (Dom market) in November have one thing in common: For about four weeks, the Heiligengeistfeld is transformed into a bustling fairground without equal from noon until late evening. Roller-coasters surrounded by corn on the cob stalls; the smell of roasted almonds reaching a carousel for children and adults; candied fruits, sausages, pancakes and various waffle bakers; the Ferris wheel is the landmark of the Dom again and again, and an extra adventure area - always with a new theme - has also been part of the Dom for quite a few years.

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Address: Heiligengeistfeld,

Hamburger DOM "Dommarkt"

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