Antje's personal Hamburg experience

When musician Antje Schomaker is walking through her favorite corners of Hamburg, she never forgets the rest of the city. In a long talk she tells us about her other highlights in the city.   

All roads lead to Hamburg. Tell us about yours!

» I already came in touch with Hamburg in the course of an internship before I started university. I was always on the go and discovered the city while falling in love with it. After I graduated I knew I wanted to go to Hamburg to start my career as a musician. «

What's the general atmosphere of the city like?

» I like the term „Schulterklopf-Romantik“. In Hamburg you always meet people who know someone you know and that gives you the feeling that you’re home and everything is just fine. «

Describe the city in one sentence. 
» Hamburg is a network of love! «

What does Hamburg have that other cities don’t have?

» The city understands itself as a network and not as separated districts. You can meet each other way faster than in other big cities like berlin for example. «

Do you have a secret favorite spot in Hamburg that you wanna share with us?

» After a long time of woozy WG life I finally found a home in Altona, where I am very happy. At the moment that is the space where I can be comfortable and relax. «

Do you have a favorite spot at the waterfront?

» The first part of the Elbe beach is more like a party beach but when you walk a little further you reach a very beautiful spot that I really enjoy. «

Ironic whiner or secret sunshine – what’s the typical local like?

» The stereotype of the grim Hamburg people is not true I guess. So many different people are coming together in Hamburg that you don’t even meet the original Hamburg people. Here, everyone immediately feels like a local. « 

Which alleged touristic tip is being totally underestimated? 

» You should definitely climb up the stairs of the Church St. Petri. Up there you have a tremendous panorama view over Hamburg, inclusive the Michel. «

If you’d have to leave the city for an indefinite period of time, what would you take with you to avoid getting homesick?

» 10 Kilos of Franzbrötchen! At least! «

Elbe River or Alster? (And why?) 

» Alster. When I came here I first lived in St. Georg and always had to go to University at Dammtor. At the bridge between Binnen- and Außenalster I always appreciate the beauty of the city. «

Is there any place or activity in Hamburg that you haven’t seen/done yet but that you’ve always wanted to see/do?

» Unfortunately, I’ve never been to the Dove-Elbe. «

Is there a popular person in Hamburg with whom you’ve always wanted to have a „Fischbrötchen“?

» With Aale-Dieter, cause it’s a Fischbrötchen... « 

You and Hamburg – a love story. Which song would make your soundtrack? 

» „Why Does It Always Rain On Me?“ by Travis. «

Where do you go first when you have friends visiting from other places? And why? 

» I like to take the HVV fairy from Landungsbrücken in the direction of Teufelsbrück and walk back to Altona. «

Do you already live in your favorite street? 

» Yes, but I would also love to live at Marktstraße in the Karoviertel «

Are you also interested in living in another neighborhood of Hamburg?

» Yes I can picture myself in Ottensen. But not in the near Future «

Is your workplace different from the place where you live? 

» As musician I can work everywhere. Hamburg is my workplace and I really like that. «

Hamburg is perfect – almost perfect. What would you change in Hamburg, if you could? 

» I miss a good bakery in my neighborhood – a place where they make the bread themselves, like the Springer Bio-Backwerk. «

We followed Antje to her favorite spots

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