Atmosphere: familiar & cozy

When: it's busy in the evenings

Prices: $

Offer: perfectly clear 

Quality: top

Service: relaxed

Tip: Hamburg Mulette: caraway, lemon, ginger beer, cucumber



Looking for a place that has everything? You’ll find it in Wilhelmsburg as soon as you enter the Deichdiele. It’s a bar, a coffee place and an open space at the same time for the people of the neighborhood and other locals who enjoy taking a trip to the south of the city that has a lot to discover. 

In Wilhelmsburg life is pulsating! While many have been talking about this new neighborhood for a while now, in the last few month many hip bars and coffee places were actually popping up all over the place. And also the good old bars and cafés are becoming more and more attractive to all urban dwellers. 

One of those older places is the Deichdiele where the visitor already feels the relaxed atmosphere when stepping through the door. On two floors you’ll get drinks for honest prices – and that in the middle of Wilhelmsburg. No matter if good coffee in the morning or a cold drink in the evening – here the creative mind is always welcome. 

Additionally they serve delicious food of course! In a cozy atmosphere on old couches and obviously real wooden floorboards every visitor can enjoy the best food.

With fresh baked Brötchen comes a great selection of toppings and homemade bread cream, waffles, muesli, and yoghurt that leave no wishes behind. Every Sunday they offer a vital breakfast buffet that guarantees for a good start in the day. Highlight? The daily menu!

But it not only is a place for a fresh start in the day but also to enjoy the end of the day with a beer, cocktail or longdrink. 

On mild summer days half the neighborhood is hanging out infront of the doors of Deichdiele. On those days it becomes their second home.

And the best thing is, everyone feels welcome immediately!

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Address: Veringstraße 156, 21107 Hamburg

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