Atmosphere: cozy & arty

When: in the evening hours 

Offer: hanseatic & fresh

Quality: leaves nothing to be desired

Service: relaxed & friendly

Tip: Trout for breakfast and the beetroot hoseradish salad

Entenwerder 1

Close to the Elbebridge there is a hotspot that became an integral part in the Café scene of Hamburg. Located on a pontoon the Café Entenwerder 1 is a place for water and peace seekers. 

Almost every weekend cycle tour that goes in the direction east of Hamburg is ending at this swimming café paradise. The whole day, guests will get everything they wish for in a very unique atmosphere. 

Already from far you can see Entenwerder 1. Especially when crossing the Elbe bridges, you can catch a first glimpse of the café at Billwerder Bucht. This is because of the golden and accessible sculpture that offers a splendid view over the Elbe island Kaltehofe. Moreover, you can see various colors, many self-made accessories and an artistic interior that invites to linger. Who does not stay, is himself to blame. Every corner of this place is immediately becoming a very personal spot to feel good and relax. 

The heart of the pontoon is definitely the pink container that contains the warm und cold dishes as well as the drinks. On the plates you’ll find what the atmosphere promises: great love of detail. Especially the breakfast menu surprises with simple highlights that are a pleasure at the first bite. Scrambled eggs, scones, croissants and delicious rice pudding help you with a vital start in the day – Elbe view always inclusive.

Another big topic is the coffee art: espresso, cappuccino and flat white is provided by the Public Coffee Roasters, who have their roastery right next door. For those who are looking for a creative place of retreat with very good coffee, is in very good hands at this spot at the waterfront. 

Also in the evening hours the industrial charm of the surroundings is still enjoyable with homemade lemonade or a changing offer of craft beer – even with bad weather! 

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Address: Entenwerder 1, 20539 Hamburg

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