extravagant & fancy

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reaching from jewellery to bags and decorative items

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almost no basics or simple pieces

individual & honest


Hamburg is a secret fashion city. There is much more to discover than the usual fashion chains in the center. At Ottenser Hauptstraße for example, a small shopping paradise is hiding: The FKIDS SHOP, with its lovely selection of boho and vintage styles has to do anything but hide. 

Flower Power, colorful feathers, denim, batik and extraordinary designs are presented to all the stylish women who enter the FKIDS store. They immerse into the very personal fashion world the owner Doreen has created a few years ago. With every new visit this world is changing a little. With a selection of accessories, jewellery, clothes and decorative items she meets the taste of the fashion queens of Hamburg who love individual clothes colorful highlights. Doreen studied fashion design but has worked in the field of graphic design until she decided to open up her own store and sell unknown and small labels. 

FKIDS has started as an online shop for vintage pieces. Soon, it got quite successful and in 2011 she opened her first store to enjoy the personal contact with her customers. At the store at Ottenser Hauptstaße unknown French and English labels found their new home. Here, a jacket is not simply a jacket.  Every piece that finds its way into the store and back out on the streets of Hamburg is surprisingly extraordinary. Simplicity at FKIDS? Negative.

But where do you start looking? Small lovely details will catch your eyes at every corner of the store. Resistance is pointless. Limited pieces in boho or vintage style are waiting at FKIDS for new owners who happen to stay for hours in this wonderful store. 

You can find one more FKIDS SHOP located at the Schanze district. Same as in Ottensen, the store offers an exclusive, individual and above all relaxed shopping experience that will always keep surprising its customers.

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Address: Ottenser Hauptstraße 37, 22765 Hamburg

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