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Kaffee Stark

Every single day of the week Kaffee Stark, located at the Wohlwillstraße at St. Pauli, is a popular stop for the first coffee in the morning. Here, they not only serve deliciously strong coffee in the morning but also offer coffee highlights later at night. 

Every morning at 10 o clock, when the coffee machine at Kaffee Stark starts working, one after the other St. Paulianer comes by the cozy place to get his morning coffee. Whether espresso, latte or cortado – here you can drink the “black gold” at one of the coolest locations in the neighborhood.

The stereo plays relaxed hip hop tunes and the breakfast menu offers a creative selection (also vegan options). Already during the first hours of the day the atmosphere is more than welcoming. The high ceilings emphasize the urban charm that is characteristic for Kaffee Stark. Rustic wooden desks or the hip bar perfectly suit as working spaces, if the to-do list needs good coffee and a creative surrounding. Until 3 in the afternoon you can enjoy the breakfast menu; those who prefer warm dishes can choose between warm soup, quiches and curries. 

In the evening the cozy feeling mixes with a portion of nightlife that invites people to stay and drink a glass of wine or two. This way, Kaffee Stark transforms into a bar, a hotspot for good drinks and a meeting place for the people of the neighborhood. 

By the way, Kaffee Stark also serves their coffee with shots. Coffee lovers should absolutely try the Italian Caffe corretto – an espresso shot, with a little liqueur, or a Spanish Carajillo, Espresso with brandy. This way you can even enjoy strong coffee in the evening. 

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Address: Wohlwillstraße 18, 20359 Hamburg

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