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Millerntor Stadium

The Millerntor stadium in Hamburg is a stadium that offers much more than only soccer. The FC St. Pauli is like no other club representing its district and unites the people of Hamburg far beyond the sport. 

At the heart of the district St. Pauli, the „Kiezkicker“ are at home. The impressive stadium is located in the middle of the city and is able to hold 29.546 visitors.

On the weekends when the team is having a match at home the whole neighbourhood is set on fire by the energy that arises in the stadium as soon as the AC/DC song “Hells Bells” is running. True fans can barely stay in their seats – whether the guys are in the lead or not is secondary – here, the togetherness is what counts. Aside from soccer matches the stadium is also used for other events. The 39 separees (private rooms) have their individual charme. Moreover, there are two ballrooms that can be rented for private events. In this way, every company party, wedding or birthday party gets to feel the special energy of the Millterntor stadium. 

A special highlight next to the soccer matches is the Millerntor Gallery. For four days the stadium transforms into a very unique art gallery.

Initiated by Viva con Agua, the sportive heart of St. Pauli becomes an open platform for dialog and exchange on a local, international and intercultural base. The walls and catacombs of the stadium turn into screens for every possible art genre – some stay like this the whole season. It doesn’t matter if art or soccer – the Millerntor stadium is a place that stands for the liberal-minded, world changing and diverse city of Hamburg


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Address: Wexstraße 18, 20355 Hamburg

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