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  • On the Road with Antje

    Hamburg is Antje's workplace. As a musician she can write her songs anywhere. That's why she is always on the road to get inspired by the stories of her favorite city.

    With this job every single day in Hamburg becomes a special one!

    Today she has to get up early – very early. Already before the warm summer sun rises, Antje is up on her feet and on her way to Alsterpark. 

    The sunrise at this place is breathtaking. Today she is watching the first rays of sun from the jetty at Rabenstraße. “I do live in this city”, she is thinking while enjoying the peace before the first runners start racing around the water. For the right kick to start off the day, Antje walks to her favorite spot of the Alsterpark: the swings. 

    Fresh and awake she continues her way to an exotic part of the Neustadt.

    This is still quite new terrain for her but she already fell in love with the concept store “Winkel van Sinkel”.  “I can’t write songs for all of my best friends”, Antje jokes while looking for a creative gift. Here they sell exotic cacti, flowers and plants of all kinds. But also Dutch labels, office supplies, Gin and Genever, care products and much more things that attract deco-lovers. Today Antje chooses a small hanging plant – a perfect accessory for her secret place of wellbeing. 

    In the evening it’s time for a new spot: The Molotow is one of Hamburg’s most popular music clubs and a very special place for Antje.

    She loves it for the many different genres that are on the program and the familiar atmosphere she feels in there. At Molotow she not only has had amazing party nights and seen awesome concerts but also was standing on the stage herself for the very first time.  Thinking back to this night, she immediately starts smiling and gets the urgent need to take her guitar and get on the stage. She spontaneously plays her song “Ganoven” and loses herself in the music. Even though at the rehearsal today no one is listening, she can already look forward to sing in front of all her fans again soon. But for now she is enjoying the atmosphere of the Molotow that is not only a place of memory for her but also one of inspiration. 

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