Get to know Jan in a lenghty interview

  • On the Road with Jan

    Jan is always on the move – also today he is taking us on a discovery tour through his city. As self-proclaimed city expert, he has long recognized how much Hamburg offers every single day. For him, every day feels like a journey through his favorite hometown. 

    To start off the day, Jan who is one of the founders of "Waterkant Touren" is doing sports. For his job Jan resides at HafenCity a lot, that’s why the Lohsepark has become one of his favorite spots for basketball. 

    On the 4 hectare of green Jan does not only enjoy his hobby but also the surrounding as an exciting place that is not yet booming but still lively and yet he can be on his own. For Jan the construction noise that is constantly rumbling in the air is a sound of progress, at least as long as he gets thirsty for his morning coffee. 

    The Deichdiele in Wilhelmsburg is one of Jan’s favorite places because this place is not like other coffee placing trying to be hip but authentic and cozy. That’s why he immediately nestles into an inviting corner and orders a coffee.  

    The biggest district of Hamburg has a unique atmosphere that is different from the rest of the city. That’s why Jan finds it so attractive. After he absorbed the creative aura of the Deichdiele he walks around his secret trend neighborhood before driving to the official trend neighborhood of the city: the Schanze. 

    Here at Schanze, his friend André has his own streetwear label that he doesn’t only proudly wears himself but where he also likes to stop by for a little snack and a beer. The Mojo Store is much more than just beautiful clothes for Hamburg’s hipsters. It also has become a secret corner where people hang out and drink beer in front of the store all summer long. 

    Today, Jan shortly browses through the new collection and takes André outside for a long talk. After the first beer in the sun André gets the obligatory "Lütten der Woche", a liqueur that he always provides for his guests.

    Liqueur and fruit brandy are André’s specialty. But that’s only one of many reasons why Jan and his gang are hanging out at this place quiet often. 

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