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    When Martin Siegmann is out and about in Hamburg different facets come together: Nature, sports, the arts and the passion for fine food. As the owner of the hip club "Golem" he is especially familiar with the nightlife of the city. A valuable balance to his daily work are his passion for cycling, the art scene of Hamburg and the Peruvian kitchen at his best friend's restaurant. 

    It’s early in the morning, Hamburg is still asleep. Merely at the Fish Market people are already up and about; ferries are taking the first people to work around the Große Elbstaße.

    Martin is also awake and already up on his bike. His destination: Finkenwerder. He takes the ferry to the former island of the Elbe River. In this part of the "Old Land" he can speed up and fully enjoy the race. Along the roads of the countryside (Finkenwerder Landscheideweg, Wiet) he is in absolute freedom and privacy and can clear his head by thinking of nothing else than the old farm houses and spreading apple trees. Cycling is not only his hobby, but also his way to discover remote areas of Hamburg.

    After letting the stiff breeze blowing in his face, Martin returns to the city, where daily life has started by now.

    However, in this hustle and bustle of the big city Martin can take his personal break in Hamburg’s diverse art scene. The Hamburger Kunstverein is one of his favorite places for discovering young contemporary art from all over the world. Between installations, video formats and large canvases he strolls through the floors with director Bettina Steinbrügge. Together, they let themselves be inspired by the current exhibitions.

    In the evening when Martin gets hungry, he gets onto his bike again. This time he is heading in the direction of Altona, where his friends Tschabi and Aurelio opened “Leche de Tigre” in November 2016.

    The hip Cevicheria in the heart of Ottensen, devotes itself heart and soul to the Peruvian kitchen – with great success! Without reservations, you’ll almost never get a table. Martin is lucky; his friends always find a small place for him to enjoy the food – preferable at the bar.  From here he can easily order his favorite dish “Causa de Pulpo” and also sits in perfect reach for the delicious Pisco Sours, the best ones in the whole city!

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