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    Sarah's day needs more than 24 hours. Being a young mother and managing her own fashion label at the same time "merijula" keeps her busy 24/7. Yet, born in Hamburg, she knows how to take a real break and where to find a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

    A quick stop at the store should be enough for today. This morning, Sarah’s destination in the Wohlwillstaße is not her store but something else: the coffee place "Stark". It is only a few steps away from the store and a regular place to go to for breakfast or a short coffee break. 

    Feeling the warm sun shining on her neck, she enjoys her hot drink with scrambles eggs next to the open window at the bar. The smell of her cortado rises delightfully to her nose – she has reached the maximum of her relaxation. Usually, team meetings are taking place at the Kaffee Stark once a week but this particular moment today is all hers. And she fully deserves it! 



    After a vital start in the day at St. Pauli, Sarah enters familiar terrain. She lives in Ottensen for several years now, but she rarely has time for a little shopping trip in this trendy neighborhood.

    That’s why today she stops at her favorite store; at FKIDS SHOP Altona she always finds inspiration and a beautiful vintage-piece off course – one that perfectly suits her style and emphasizes the colors. Today she fell in love with an extraordinary jacket. But also the jewellery and the accessories have her full attention. She knew it – here in this little fashion mekka in Ottensen, there is always a piece that stays in her mind. 

    To clear her mind entirely, Sarah needs to breathe fresh Elbe air. Therefore she drives a few kilometers away from the city. At the Elbe beach Wittenbergen she gets the needed compensation to her fulltime job as businesswoman and mother. Usually, she strolls along the beach with her husband, her daughter and their two dogs – but today she’s alone. 

    The Wittenberger Lighthouse in her sight, she calmly captures the last rays of sun. The few visitors are packing up their things as the day comes to an end. When she watches the boats passing by, listens to the familiar sound of the seagulls, feeling a warm breath in her hair, she knows why there is no other place in the world to live for her. 

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