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  • On the Road with Tania

    When Tania is out and about in Hamburg she is all over the place: every week she drives to Eppendorf to visit the Isemarkt and to the Millerntor stadium at the heart of the city or she simply hides away in Entenwerder to enjoy her summer evenings.  

    This morning, Tania doesn't mind getting out of bed. She set herself an alarm to get up early to do her weekly grocery shopping at Isemarkt.

    At 8.30 she strolls along the Isestraße in between Hoheluftbrücke and Eppendorfer Baum to get fresh tee, herbs and flowers for herself and her roommates at their apartment at Grindelviertel. As usual, it's quite hard to stick with her shopping list when more than 200 retailers are offering their products. In the end, she always buys more than planned. For Tania the market also serves as a social meeting place, as everyone brings along some time for a little chat. 

    After finishing her shopping tour, Tania continues to the Millerntor stadium at Hamburg's trend district St. Pauli.

    Though there is no match of her favorite club FC Sankt Pauli happening today, she has free access to the arena. Tania is one of the main organizers of the Millerntor Gallery, an international art, music and culture festival that is taking place in a view weeks. Once a year, the stadium is transforming into Hamburg’s biggest temporary gallery. Artists from all over the world will fill the walls of the catacombs with their beautiful illustrations and designs. At the moment, there isn’t much to see here, but for Tania every year in June a very special time is starting. She is spending every free minute to help build up the gallery and prepare the event. 

    To compensate the daily hustle at work Tania loves driving around the city without any particular purpose.

    In the end she often finds herself in the east of Hamburg, where she spends her evenings with a glass of vine on the swimming pontoon "Entenwerder 1". In these moments, when the last sun rays are setting over the water, the café is one of the few places in Hamburg where Tania gets a totally new view on the city. In these moments, Hamburg feels like home. 

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