Get to know Valentin in a lengthy interview

On the Road with Valentin

Valentin's ordinary life in Hamburg is anything but ordinary! He knows how to fill his days with the good things of life: a good cup of coffee in the Grindelviertel, a fine melody in the HafenCity or an extraordinary taste experience in Eimsbüttel. 

His first coffee in the morning Valentin enjoys either at his own balcony or just around the corner of his house with his colleague Veljko, who owns the "Playground Coffee" at Grindelviertel.

Through their passion for coffee they’ve become good friends over the past years. Here, at Grindelhof, Valentin is aware of the quality and sustainability of his coffee. That’s why he prefers drinking his flat white in company of Veljko out on the terrace, while they are planning their next kite surfing trip to the sea. 

But today, there isn’t much time for deep talk. Valentin has to get to rehearsal. At the moment, he probably has the most exciting workplace in the whole country: the Elbphilharmonie!

As soon as he arrives at the square "Platz der Deutschen Einheit", he hurries through the corridors of the unique concert hall to his locker room to warm up on his cello – while enjoying the breathtaking view over the Elbe River off course. Luckily, he makes it on time to the beginning of rehearsal. When he enters the big hall to meets his colleagues he still feels this moment of astonishment, realizing that this overwhelming hall is where he can fulfill his passion every single day. 

After four hours of musical practice Valentin's stomach starts rumbling – it’s time for his favorite restaurant in the city: "Bistrit Vienna" at Fettstraße. Valentin is always going early in the evening; otherwise his favorite spot at the window, right next to the bar, could be taken already.  

Along with a fine glass of red wine he always tries the recommendations of the owners. Today it’s traditional Wiener Schnitzel with cucumber and potato salad and it’s the first time Valentin tries this German cult dish. Already after his first bite, he feels like singing a song of praise – as only a true musician would feel like. 

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