Playground Coffee
Grindelhof 33 
20146 Hamburg
Detlev-Bremer-Straße  21 20359 Hamburg

Playground Coffee

Not every coffee tastes the same. Veljko Tatalović the owner of "Playground Coffee" is very aware of that. He ended his career as a photographer to fully devote himself to the art of coffee.  His magnificent coffee beans can be enjoyed in the Grindelviertel, at the Rathaus-Passage or at St. Pauli. 

If you have once tried the coffee at Playground Coffee, you won’t go anywhere else. Here, coffee expertise is understood in the tradition of the third-wave-movement. This means: Like wine, coffee will be valued through its geographical origin and in its processing unique flavors will be enhanced. Here, coffee is treated like art. In this way, the coffee place at Grindel becomes a playground for creative ideas – either through the coffee roaster, behind the espresso maker or with a manual filter. But it’s not only the exceptional quality that stands in focus: Next to the culinary pleasure coffee is also a social thing. Whoever stops for coffee at one of the three places, can be sure to be given a special treatment – with warmth and coffee expertise. 

Currently, “Playground Coffee” serves six different roasts – all of them available to take home as well.  King Kongo for example tastes like chocolate and orange, Kenya West like vanilla and lime and the Skywalker is not only loved by Star Wars fans. Veljko and his team get their beans for these roasted temptations from different plantations all over the world. Those are not only sustainably and fairly produced, but also diverse in their taste – and very delicious off course!

What started out with a shop-in-shop system at Otto’s Burger, is now available at Kaffeeklappe at Rathausmarkt and also in the Detlev-Bremer-Straße 21 at St. Pauli. And this might only be the start… 

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Address: Grindelhof 33, 20146 Hamburg

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