Sarah's personal Hamburg experience

After a warm summer day in Hamburg, including an extensive breakfast at St. Pauli, a short shopping trip through Ottensen and a beach walk in Wittenbergen – Sarah Runge can't stop talking about her beautiful city. 


All roads lead to Hamburg. Tell us about yours! 

» There is none. I’ve always been here. I’m a real born Hamburg girl. This means that even my parents were born in the city. «

What's the general atmosphere of the city like? 

» The mood of the People in Hamburg always depends on the weather I would say. «

Describe the city in one sentence.

» „Hamburg, meine Perle, du wunderschöne Stadt“ (A famous song about the city, especially for soccer fans, meaning something like: Hamburg, my dear, you beautiful city.) «

What does Hamburg have that other cities don’t have? 

» More water! And more green spots, too. «

Do you have a secret favorite spot in Hamburg that you wanna share with us?

» Nienstedten. Every Sunday, I talk a walk with my daughter, my husband and the dogs there. That’s like a mandatory thing in our family. After that we’d go to the ferry terminal Teufelsbrück to this place called “Engel”. From there, we’d search the sky for planes and watch the people coming from the frerries. It’s like being at the movies! «

Do you have a favorite spot at the waterfront?

» I like to be at Falkensteiner shore, in Wittenbergen and at Elbe Camp. «




Ironic whiner or secret sunshine – what's the typical local like?

» Neither of them. People in Hamburg are honest – you’ll always know where your stand. I like this dry sense of humor. They don't hesitate, they tackle! «

If you’d have to leave the city for an indefinite period of time, what would you take with you to avoid getting homesick?

» I feel Hamburg everywhere I hear and see seagulls. Or when flags are flapping in the wind and the snap hooks are pounding against the flagpole. So I don’t need to take anything with me. «

Elbe River or Alster? (And why?)

» Elbe, no doubt! It’s the way that leads into the big wide world. «

Is there a popular person in Hamburg with whom you’ve always wanted to have a "Fischbrötchen"?

» Yes, with Steffen Henssler. «

You and Hamburg – a love story. Which song would be your soundtrack?

» "Sea of Love" by Phil Phillips. «

Where do you go first when you have friends visiting from other places? And why?

» First to the Elbe or Alster and then to the Kiez – that’s typical Hamburg. «

Are you also interested in living in another neighborhood of Hamburg?

» No. I’ve always lived in Ottensen so it feels like home to me. «

Is your workplace different from the place where you live? 

» No. St. Pauli and Ottensen have a really similar atmosphere – still, every district has its own charm. «

Hamburg is perfect – almost perfect. What would you change in Hamburg, if you could? 

» More sunshine! «

We followed Sarah to her favorite spots

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