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Winkel van Sinkel

„Green up your life“– following this motto every person in Hamburg, green fingers or not, will find plants, terrariums, and other things that add that certain something to their home at this cute store. Yet they have even more to discover!


"Goede dag en welkom" bei Winkel van Sinkel at Neustadt! As soon as you walk through the door of this charming store, you’ll fall for the Dutch way of life. Mostly that’s because of the diverse and exotic plants that fill the store. They present a very unique image. 

Since October 2016 the owner Zelda brings a smile into the faces of her customers.

At her store at Wexstraße you can find creative but feasible gifts and tons of inspiration for your own walls. The place is designed like a little department store. “Winkel” is Dutch and means store or shop – the German Anton Sinkel founded the first department store in the Netherlands in 1837. The thought of having different groups of products under one roof was something very new. With her concept store Zelda defines the store-character a new. 

While strolling through the jungle of cacti, flowers and plants, enjoying the original design of terrariums, pots and also picture frames you can also find a selection of writing materials, Dutch Gin and Genever, care products and even sweet peanut butter. 

The Dutch influence is not only based on the department store concept, but also on the fact that Zelda is half Dutch herself and wants to spread the Dutch charm in the city. That’s why you find labels of our neighbors that you will get nowhere else in Hamburg. With much love for detail Zelda selects the products she likes. That is modern, innovative design that is not perfect but stands out through its breaches and characteristics. 

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Address: Wexstraße 18, 20355 Hamburg

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