Arriving by car


Hamburg is also a hub for road traffic and is easily reached from all parts of Germany via four motorways (Autobahnen - A) and six federal trunk roads (Bundesstrassen - B).

Travelling by motorway is probably the most convenient and most personalised way to get to Hamburg. The car is the right choice for those who are unafraid of possible traffic jams and do not want to give up their mobility in Hamburg. From western Germany, the A1 leads directly to Hamburg. The A7 leads from southern Germany through the middle of the country to Hamburg. The A24 is the right motorway coming from Berlin. There is sufficient parking available in Hamburg. Most hotels have their own parking spaces and there are also plenty of car parks in the city centre as well as Park& Ride spaces at many railway stations. There is also plenty of free parking in the city districts. There is a 25% discount with the Hamburg CARD at some parking spaces - great for parking your car and continuing on public transport which is included in the card.

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