Your digital Hamburg guide

  • Hamburg – Official tour guide with around 1.500 attractions, restaurants tours & offers, including boat finder, audio guides and tips

    The best Hamburg tour guide with our tips for attractions, bars, cafés, clubs, restaurants, events and shopping ideas. Our experts have compiled detailed descriptions around 1.500 of these so that you can find what you're looking for rather than just a list of POIs. The App learns from you: when walking down the street with it, it offers suggestions for what you can do next. Stay up-to-date about what's happening exactly where you are with our free tips or search for ideas yourself to enjoy your stay.

    Plan your trip to Hamburg in detail beforehand in the App or on our website and get the most out of your city trip when you're there. If you book your Hamburg trip with us you can automatically synchronise and take your travel itinerary with you by simply logging into the App.

    Download the new Hamburg Tourism App now on Google Play for Android or on the Apple App Store for free!

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